by Tinder Light & Last Chance Survival

Atomic Coals are simply the best fire starters in the world!

Multiple uses in a survival situation

In a survival situation Atomic Coals can be used as fire starters, toothpaste, wound dressing and even a parasite remedy.

Intense long lasting heat guaranteed to start a fire.

You will have between 5 – 10 minutes of burn time per cube.

100% odorless and non-toxic.

Made of organic carbonized materials with no harmful chemicals added in production

Made of only carbon, they last forever!

Technically they dont last forever, only about 25,000 years

Super lightweight and compact design

Our various packaging options make char cloth and Atomic coals the right choice for any emergency kit.

An emergency survival kit is something every human should have.
Order some from one of the fine retailers below.

They might just save your life!


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Inventors Log

Invented by Tinder Light CEO Mike Priley on 3-16-2017