There are many ways to ignite carbon cloth, also known as char cloth. It only takes one good spark.

Make sure your char cloth is dry.


  • Ferro rod – A ferro rod or ferrocerium rod is by far the best choice for igniting char cloth.
  • You can light char cloth with a dead lighter by rolling the wheel and sparking the flint toward the char cloth.
  • You could use very thin wires or steel wool to arc the terminals of a cell phone batter, or any battery.
  • You can strike glassy stones on steel to create sparks
  • Magnify the sun
  • Rub two sticks together (See How To Make A Bow Drill)



Aim sparks toward edges of char cloth

Char cloth  needs to breath from both sides to stay lit. It will usually go out if burning on a flat surface.

While charcloth will burn very slowly, achieve maximum heat by adding oxygen



Char cloth will ignite with one very small spark or if exposed to high heat. Store char cloth in a safe location away from sparks and heat sources.